Focus Writing: US Elections 2020

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Focus Writing: US Elections 2020

Even if Biden successfully wins, the world will pay a colossal price for the Democrats’ failures – Critically Evaluate.

“We either see Trump as a danger to US democracy or we think Biden is. Nothing is going to change that.” :- Fox News Review

A galaxy of innocuous Americans have died in a frightening global pandemic bungled by the incumbent president, and at least 6 million have consequently been driven into deplorable poverty. The coronavirus crisis is the devastating climax of a presidency defined by hundreds of scandals, many of which alone, in normal circumstances, could have destroyed the political career of whoever occupied the White House.

Despite having the active support of almost the entire US press, Joe Biden’s victory looks to be far narrower than predicted. During the Democratic primaries, Biden’s cheerleaders argued that his socialist challenger Bernie Sanders would repeal Florida’s voters, and yet Donald Trump has triumphed in the sunshine state.

They argued that his“unelectable” rival would risk the Senate and down-ballot races, yet the Republicans may retain control of the Senate, and Democrats are haemorrhaging seats in the House of Representatives.

Without coronavirus, Trump would have undoubtedly secured another term and potentially dismantled an already flawed US democracy for a generation or more. This should have been a landslide, and now the world will pay the cost for the self-inflicted wounds of the Democratic establishment. Trump may be defeated; Trumpism lives on.

While attention should now focus on resisting attempts by Trump and his allies to steal the election, the Democratic establishment must also understand why this entirely avoidable farce came to pass.

Rather than offering an inspiring alternative, Biden would bask in the reflected glory of Barack Obama, present himself as the “grown-up” in the room. Ample criticisms can be made of Biden’s candidacy, which limited its political horizons in deference to the Democrats’ corporate client base when even Fox News exit polls showed that most Americans favoured a government-run healthcare plan.

America is now a society in which one in every 11 black adults is either in prison or on parole or probation – racial injustices that Black Lives Matter has urgently underlined. The Democratic establishment has proved itself politically bankrupt and unable to meet ponderous challenges.

The party lost against Trump in 2016 and has at best scraped a stillborn administration this time around. We will all pick up the tab for this failure. Although Biden committed to signing the world’s biggest polluter back up to the Paris climate accords, a failure to win the Senate will block a Green New Deal that is desperately needed to tackle the existential threat of the climate emergency.

The world cannot afford another four years of inaction. With Biden’s likely presidency held hostage by a potentially hostile Senate and supreme court, the Republicans will be able to further gerrymander an already fatally compromised democratic system and we aspire so.

Whatever else emerges from the US’s 2020 election, one thing is clear: it has not delivered a comprehensive repudiation of Donald Trump. The shock of 2016 has not been undone. There is nothing in the result to expiate the humiliation of the last four years, the disgraceful vulgarity and illegality.

Even if Joe Biden is ultimately sworn in as president, the fact that Trump was not booed off the greatest stage in world politics in disgrace will be hard for Biden’s supporters to come to terms with. This is an inconvenient truth not for the US alone, it has implications for the rest of the world too.

US Elections 2020 ছাড়াও আরও পড়ুনঃ

ফেইসবুকে আপডেট পেতে আমাদের অফিসিয়াল পেইজ ও অফিসিয়াল গ্রুপের সাথে যুক্ত থাকুন। ইউটিউবে পড়াশুনার ভিডিও পেতে আমাদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেল সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন।

আপনার টাইমলাইনে শেয়ার করতে ফেসবুক আইকনে ক্লিক করুন।