Bangladesh Bank officer general 2019: Arts Faculty Self Test

Arts Faculty Self Test
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Bangladesh Bank officer general 2019: Arts Faculty Self Test

Bangladesh Bank officer general 2019: Arts Faculty
Total Marks: 100
Total Questions: 80
Time: 1 Hour.
Negative: 0.25
Per Question Obtain: 1.25

Give an exam in this question & check your Bank Preparation speed.

1. If xy – 2 and xy – 16, what is the value of x?

2. 1f a +1/a = 3 what is a3+1/a3?

3. Change into passive: “The trainer walked the horse after the race!”

4. By default Footers are printed on____

5. মনে পড়ে সেই জৈষ্ঠের দুপুরে পাঠশালা পলায়ন। স্ফীত হরফের পদটির কারক ও বিভক্তি হল-

6. তৎপুরুষ সমাসের উদাহরণ নয় –

7. The national helpline for Violence against Women and Children is –

8. নিচের যে উত্তরটি বেমানান –

9. If cigarettes were banned, life _____ healthier.

10. কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম সম্পাদিত পত্রিকা নয় যেটি –

11. Bus fares were recently increased from Taka 1.70 to Taka 2.00. What was the approximate percentage of increase?

12. T.S. Eliot এর The Journey of the Magi কবিতার রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর অনূদিত রূপ হল-

13. If A = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), then the number of proper subsets of A is

14. The average of six numbers is 14. The average of four of these numbers is 15. The average of the remaining two numbers is

15. There are 10 true false questions in an examination. These questions can be answered in

16. The 52nd Convocation Speaker of the University of Dhaka is-

17. How many integers from 1 to 1000 are divisible by 30 but not by 16?
[Repeat: Bangladesh Bank Officer General Preli 2018, Agrani Bank Officer Cash Preli 2017]

18. If x is an integer and y = -2x-8, what is the least value of x for which y is less than 9?

19. The poem “Visions of the Past” is written by –

20. The Parki beach of Bangladesh is located at –

21. Choose the best translation রাতের নিস্তব্ধতায় সে একটি তীব্র চিৎকার শুনতে পেল।

22. The founder of the BRAC Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was recently awarded the highly prestigious –

23. The three sides of a triangle are x+1, 2x-1 and 3x+1 respectively and the perimeter is 25 cm. The length of the smallest side is –
[Repeat: Agrani Bank Officer Cash Preli 2017]

24. Before nationalization in 1972, the former name of present Janata Bank Ltd. Was

25. The incorrectly spelt word is –

26. সাংস্কৃতিক শব্দের ‘ইক’ প্রত্যয়টি যে শব্দশ্রেণিকে নির্দেশ করে –

27. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and width is decreased by 20%, what is the change in area of the rectangle?
[Repeat: Bangladesh Bank Officer General 2018]

28. ‘বুড়িকে পকেট থেকে কিছু পয়সা বার করে দিলাম’- গঠন অনুসারে বাক্যটি যে ধরণের-

29. The space left between the margin and the beginning of a paragraph is called

30. Recently expired renowned personality Rawshan Ara Bachchu was a –

31. Sumerian civilization is a part of ______ civilization.

32. The inaugural match of Bangabandhu BPL T20 is played between Chattogram Challengers and _

33. Translate into Bangla: ‘Please stop being so judgmental’.

34. Which of the numbers below is not equivalent to 20%?

35. “মঙ্গলকাব্য-এ ধর্মীয় আরাধনা মূখ্য হলেও এর অন্যতম সাধারণ বৈশিষ্ট্য হলো –

36. Transform the sentence without changing the meaning: ‘Beena is a meritorious girl’.

37. A London-based group that took humanitarian aid during the Liberation War of Bangladesh is known as –

38. The bank note of Bangladesh which has the impression of Central Shaheed Minar is –

39. The perimeter of a circle measures 16π cm, what is the area of the circle in sq. cm?

40. The Idiom ‘Let things slide’ means –

41. Find the incorrect sentence:

42. Every 3 minutes, 4 litres of water are poured into a 2,000 litre tank. After 2 hours, what percent of the tank will be full?

43. The shortcut key to open the OPEN dialogue box in MS Office is –

44. ‘মণিমঞ্জুষা’ শব্দটির প্রমিত উচ্চারণ হলো –

45. নিচের যে গুচ্ছে অপ্রমিত বানান রয়েছে-

46. Moving from one website to another is called –

47. ‘প্রাতিস্বিক’ শব্দটির অর্থ-

48. “সমুদ্রের স্বাদ” মানিক বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় রচিত একটি –

49. The sum of first 17 terms of the series 5,9,13,17….is-

50. The synonym of ‘vigilant’ is

51. 'Mujib Borsho' is going to be celebrated by _______ countries.

52. নিচের যে গুচ্ছে একটিও ঘর্ষণজাত ধ্বনি নেই-

53. Who led the Gambian delegation at the ICJ in hearing the case of genocide against Myanmar?

54. If sec θ + tan θ = x, then tan θ is

55. What is the H.C.F. of the numbers 36, 54 and 90?

56. জীবনানন্দ দাশকে ‘নির্জনতম কবি’ আখ্যা দিয়েছেন –

57. A sarcastic person is someone who is –

58. All possible three digit numbers are formed by 1,3,5. If one number is chosen randomly, the probability that it would be divisible by 5 is-

59. Change the form of speech- He said to me, “Which job do you want?”

60. Our teacher told us off for being late. The bold faced phrases closest to –

61. If n is an even integer, which of the following must be an odd integer?

62. নিচের যেটি সমার্থক শব্দের জুটি নয় -

63. The process of erasing a disk is called –

64. The proposed “Exclusive Tourist Zone” will be at ____ beach.

65. In general a window has _____ scrollbars.

66. In the South Asian Games 2019, the Bangladesh Archer who made a hat-trick by winning three successive gold medals is –

67. Log 36 / log 6=
[Repeat: Bangladesh Bank Officer General Preli 2018]

68. The function of Excel that tells the number of numeric entries in the designated range(s) is –

69. Foyot’s is a restaurant ___ where the French Senators eat.

70. The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called

71. ‘Bangla Bond’ will make debut on the London Stock Exchange through

72. If Roots: Root, then

73. P and Q are brothers. R and S are sisters. The father of P is brother of S. Q is related to R as –

74. The antonym of ‘extinction’ is -

75. Could you _____ me that file on your desk, please?

76. If x:y = 5:3, then (8x-5y) : (8x+5y) =?
[Repeat: Agrani Bank Officer Cash Preli 2017]

77. The next number in the sequence 3, 6, 11, 18, 27. …is –

78. “Sohrai” is the festival of the ethnic community named –

79. The difference in Taka between simple and compound interest at 5% annually on a sum of Tk. 5000 after 2 years is –

80. If 2x-1≥-3, then
[Repeat: Agrani Bank Officer Cash 2017]


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ছাড়াও দেখুন:-

All Question Taken By Aust

ফেইসবুকে আপডেট পেতে আমাদের অফিসিয়াল পেইজ ও অফিসিয়াল গ্রুপের সাথে যুক্ত থাকুন। ইউটিউবে পড়াশুনার ভিডিও পেতে আমাদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেল সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন।

আপনার টাইমলাইনে শেয়ার করতে ফেসবুক আইকনে ক্লিক করুন-